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Laminate Floor Instalation
Laminate Floor Polished
Sunny Kitchen
Dining Room Floor Polished
Dining Room
Hardwood and Laminate

Your Floors are In Good Hands!


 Wood floors are one of the most popular choices homeowners choose for their durability and long-lasting beauty. Suburban Home Services offers industry-leading installation of laminate and hardwood flooring services for your entire home, including our Wood Floor Cleaning Process that combines cleaning, sanitizing, and polishing to provide a deep clean and renew the beautiful look of your wood floors.

Wood floors need regular maintenance to maintain their beauty and durability. Our Wood Floor Cleaning Process is specifically designed for solid hardwood and engineered wood floors and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) type flooring. Like other surfaces that see regular use, dirt, grime build up over time that can damage wood floors as well as allergens and bacteria that can compromise home and family healthy


  • Installation Laminate and Hardwood

  • Repair Resend Laquire

  • Cleaning and Polish